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The Flowers of Scotland

A selection of Scottish gins to take you through the rolling hills and mountains of the Highlands.


Scotland | 43.4% abv | Citrus | Botanicals: Lebanese mint, lemon peel, Orange peel, orris & angelica root, cassia bark, and coriander | Pairing: Lime

4 years in development, Daffy's Gin was born of discovery of what Lebanese mint can add to gin! Combined with 8 other botanicals, the mint not only adds depth to the citrusy notes, but also to the smooth buttery and warm finish. The Daffy's retail bottle features the visage of the Gin goddess Daffy over a martini glass; a striking artwork by Robert McGinnis, famous for featured works in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and James Bond. Daffy's is Gold winner in the IWSC Awards, and remains a fresh favourite with an ever growing following.

We started by using the finest pure wheat grain spirit from northern France that we could find, then, distilling it in the same manner as malt whisky on an ancient single batch copper pot still. 

The Botanist

Scottland | 46% abv | Floral | Botanicals: 31, including creeping thistle, apple mint, red clover, tansy & sage | Pairing: Lemon & Thyme

With its unique set of 31 botanicals etched into the glass bottle, you know The Botanist Gin is serious about each one. With 22 of these hand-foraged from the Isle of Islay a Scottish island known as "The Queen of the Hebrides". The Island distillers are famous for Whisky, though this recent excursion into gin has proved popular with gin enthusiasts. The Botanist is distilled 4 times longer than Whiskey, in one of the last Lomond Stills in existence. The Botanist has achieved wide acclaim and is a Silver IWSC Award winner.

The Botanist is the essence of our philosophy, our art, and our pioneering spirit. –

Gordon Castle

Scotland | 43% abv | Citrus | Botanicals: lavender, garden mint, and other Scottish garden herbs | Pairing: Lemon, Lime & Mint

Gordon Castle Gin is a IWSC Gold award-winning super-premium gin distilled at the Gordon Castle Estate with Scottish highland herbs grown in the magical Moray Walled Gardens. Just one whiff starts that intimate tour with garden mint, followed by warming herbal notes, to produce a rich and complex gin which is both refreshing and elegant. Sold by the bottle with a lovely printed lavender plant, and wildly ornate letter G – A magnificent presentation for an unforgettable Scottish gin! 

Our award-winning Gordon Castle super-premium gin is a wee bit aromatic with a clean finish, much like our magical Scottish Walled Garden.

Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin

Scotland | 43% abv | Floral | Botanicals: kelp, blaeberry (billberry) and Carline thistle | Pairing: Blueberries & Lemon Twist

Arbikie produces their gin on a single site, at their Highland Estate leveraging the local ingredients, all grown “within arms length” of the Angus farmland distillery, using vodka from site-grown potatoes gathered by 4th generation Scottish farmers. They have been producing spirits since 1794 using this farm-to-bottle arrangement and a 40-plate column, with a scotch-whiskey method of distillation. The name of this gin is attributed to Arbikie’s own Master Distiller, Kirsty Black. Aberkie Kirsty Gin is a winner of the prestigious CWSA Gold award.

Each spirit is distilled differently – our vodka is triple distilled, our whisky will be twice distilled.

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