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Chancery Lane (8 gin menu)

Sit on the pulse of the city and people-watch while you relax and enjoy this eclectic mix of old and new. This wonderful “Chancery lane” 8 set will tantalise your taste buds. Discover gin from around the world.

Martin Miller’s
gin_illustration_MartinMillers-300x300 (1).png

UK/ Iceland | 40% abv | Dry | Botanicals: Coriander, angelica, orange peel, lemon peel, lime oil, orris, cassia, nutmeg, licorice, cucumber | Recommended Pairing: Lemon

Young 40% ABV Dry/Citrus gin of only thirteen years in the making. A great quality gin produced by mixologists, through a double distillation process, the first producing an earthy botanical (juniper cassia, Florentine iris, and angelica), and highly floral gin, and the second distillation producing "almost a citrus vodka". The two are then mixed together for ten days and finally, the distillate is shipped to Iceland and combined with glacier water which has been filtered through the mountain for 800 years. This water produces the unique gradated mouthy feel that is Martin Miller's signature. 

Born out of Love, Obsession and a bit of Madness.

Inverroche Amber
gin_illustration_InverrocheAmber-300x300 (2).png

South Africa | 43.5% abv | Floral | Main botanicals: Coriander, angelica, orange peel, lemon peel, lime oil, orris, cassia, nutmeg, licorice, cucumber | Recommended Pairing: Lemon

This 43% ABV floral Gin is made by one of the first South African gin makers. In 2007, Lorna and Rohan Scott (a mother and son team) developed three gins with the indigenous ingredient Fynbos. Inverroche, the region from whence the gin takes its name is located at the end of the Goukou River which empties into the Indian Ocean, near Stilbaai. It's an area of dream-like natural beauty with limestone cliffs and hills populated with fynbos (a name which means "fine bush") and other renosterbos flora. The distillery is also made of limestone, and is located in the middle of local vineyards. Inverroche is a twice-distilled Gin, and features a floral flavour in which fynbos is a major part.

"It's a richly textured, crisp gin which blends traditional and hand harvested African botanicals."

Tanqueray 10

United Kingdom | 47% abv | Citrus | Main botanicals: Closely guarded secret! |  Recommended Pairing: Grapefruit

The epitome of London Dry gins, and one of the original big-brands to emerge from the end of the 20th century, Tanqueray Ten was conceived in 1830 on Vine Street in Bloomsburry, England. Since then, it has survived the 1920 prohibition in the States (legend has it that crates of Tanqueray were secretly floated to shore and sold at speakeasies and on the black market), and the Blitz bombings of 1941, which destroyed most of the Tanqueray distillery. Tanqueray Ten is sold in a signature green bottle, stamped with a red seal. The recipe of Tanqueray is a closely guarded secret, but juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and licorice root are thought to form the the smooth, dry, and well balanced gin.

Crafted with the perfect martini in mind, the fresh citrus fruits of No. Ten 
perfectly complement and capture the exquisite essence of the ultimate martini.

Monkey 47
gin_illustration_Monkey47-300x300 (2).png

Germany | 47% abv | Aromatic | Main botanicals: 47 botanicals, including cloves, lavender, cranberries, pine needles, and peppers | Recommended Pairing: Lavender or Plum

As the name implies, a mind-blowing 47 separate botanicals give this gin its juniper and citrus-dominant sweet floral aroma, which produce an unusually clean flavour for such a complex and full-flavoured gin. Half of the ingredients are sourced from the Black Forest in Germany, and include cloves, lavender, cranberries, pine needles, peppers and many others. The number 47 also refers to the 47% abv of the finished product, which is first made by Black Forest Distillers from the traditional British recipe for gin, then left to marinate in earthenware vats for 100 days. This gin is made by German distillers, and comes in a corked brown bottle, with a giant postage-stamp-like label featuring a monkey collecting botanicals.

Black Forest Distillers made the conscious decision to reject an industrial
approach that would have promised greater production capacity at the cost of

gin_illustration_BLOOM-300x300 (2).png

United Kingdom | 40% abv | Floral | Main botanicals: Juniper, honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo | Recommended Pairing: Strawberry

Created by Joanne Moore, one of the few master female gin distillers at the second largest distillery in Britain, at G&J Greenall. BLOOM Gin's London Dry is made  with less common gin botanicals such as chamomile (floral softness), honeysuckle and pomelo (orangey notes), which captures the essence of spring gardens. It's triple distilled and fresh demineralised spring water is used to reduce the spirit to 40% ABV. BLOOM comes in a modern and decidedly feminine bottle,  which represents a fresh new way to present Gin. Thus, it appeals to many a broader market of drink enthusiasts, rather than just gin fans.

BLOOM is a distinctly floral London Dry Gin inspired by the true beauty of nature

gin_illustration_Opihr-300x300 (1).png

United Kingdom | 40% abv | Spiced | Main botanicals: Cubeb, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, cumin, grapefruit, coriander, orange, angelica | Recommended Pairing: Chili

A tribute to the spice trade, Opihr (pronounced "o-peer") is made by G&J Greenall. It is named after the port from which King Solomon harbored ships returning with perilously collected exotic items which included the usual gold, silver and pearls, but also difficult to obtain spices, and animals, such as apes and peacocks. The botanicals that give this spiced gin its unique flavor and roundness are each from a different country, along the historical spice routes (be sure to visit their website later for the full history lesson!). Opihr Gin comes in an South-Asian themed bottle featuring red, blue gold-trimmed elephants as well as a tiny crown-crested union jack in the center. A finishing touch – the bottle is tied around the neck with a red and gold curtain tassel. Very stylish!

It’s a journey along the Spice Route that leads to Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin.

Adnams First Rate
gin_illustration_Adnams_First_Rate-300x300 (2).png

United Kingdom | 48% abv | Savoury | Main botanicals: Coriander Seed, Cardamom Pod, Sweet Orange Peel & Licorice Root | Recommended Pairing: Thyme & Olive

Beginning with 17 botanicals, Adnams developed their First Rate Gin out of 13 of the originals, to refine and deliver a mingling of juniper and spices, with a softening citrus hint. Made with a complex and powerful blend of 13 botanicals to complement the strength of this spirit, including coriander seed, sweet orange peel, cardamom pod and licorice root to create a well-rounded and silky smooth aromatic gin, taken from the sweetest purest cut from the copper still. It delivers spice mingled with Juniper and softened with hints of citrus at 48% abv. Adnams First Rate is distributed in a bottle with the mast of a ship, alluding to the proud Naval tradition of Captain's grade gin.

Made with a complex and powerful blend of 13 botanicals to complement the strength of this 
spirit, it delivers aromatic spices mingled with Juniper and softened with hints of citrus.

Williams Sloe Mulberry Gin
gin_illustration_Williams_Mulberry-300x300 (1).png

United Kingdom | ​29% abv | Liqueur | Main botanicals: Mulberries, sloe berries, rosehips, black/redcurrant, figs | Recommended Pairing: Orange Slice

This gin is the result of Chase Distillery owner Williams pet project to revive the slow-growing mulberry tree in the hearts, minds, and palates of Britons everywhere. While the tree has fallen out of favour due to its low fruit yields and squishy difficult to handle berries, the sweet and moreish taste has never been more alive. Following the first frost, sloe berries are picked and marinaded for eight months with botanicals chosen to compliment that so  often forsaken mulberry flavour which is added to the mix for an additional two months before the mixture is distilled into a lovely 30% abv gin, sold and distributed in a signature purple bottle.

As always, inspired by unique and decidedly British flavours, we have been busy marinating Herefordshire hedgerow sloe berries, picked after the first frost last November in a bespoke gin blend.

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