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The Full English

A full English Gin-Fest! Enjoy this collection of Iconic English Gins for High Tea with a twist!

Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin

United Kingdom | 48% abv | Spiced | Botanicals: lime zest, thyme, ginger & Jamaican allspice | Pairing: Halved Blueberry & Lime Twist

Born of The Gin Kitchen, Dorking's first distillery, Gutsy Monkey is made in a hand-made copper pot still with modifications requested by distillers Kate Gregory and her friend Helen Muncie who founded The Gin Kitchen. By inviting parents and friends from the local Primary School to gin tastings, the pair were able to narrow down the recipes, and further develop the favourites. Hannah Earl, Kate's friend who invented the recipe for Tanqueray 10 Gin, mentored and taste tested through the development process. This heartwarming collaboration comes in a minimalistic white bottle with an endearing monkey drawing on the front.

"You'll notice that Gutsy Monkey goes cloudy when the tonic or ice is added. This is because of all the essential oils from the fresh ingredients."

Conker Gin

United Kingdom | 40% abv | Sweet | Botanicals: Juniper, coriander, orris, cassia, elderberries, gorse, samphire, orange, angelica, lime peel | Pairing: Lime

Produced by Dorset’s first gin distillery, Conker Gin makers pride themselves on breaking free of tradition, with no old family recipes, or “mythical master distiller”. Rupert Holloway, a Dorset local launched Conker gin in 2014, developing it from scratch, tweaking a Dorset Dry made of British wheat spirit, New Forest spring water and 10 botanicals into a refined small-batch gin of “ruthless quality”. Oddly, there are no conkers used to make the gin, the name coming from a text message Rupert received upon quitting his job to follow his gin-making dream.

That’s the spirit!

Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin

United Kingdom | 42% abv | Savoury | Botanicals: Yorkshire tea, aniseed, and others. | Pairings: Lemon Twist

Starting with a gin review page on Facebook, gin companies from all over sent Karl Mason gins to review. Finding most of the newly released gins tasted the same, the Masons decided to use the time honoured London Dry Method, to distil a new gin that was a breakthrough from the monotony he’d experienced from other gin producers. Yorkshire gin is produced in small batches with hand-written batch numbers, and use water from Yorkshire combined with savoury botanicals and Yorkshire tea leaves to produce a new British gin taste experience which has received wide acclaim.

The first Gin distilled in Yorkshire

Tiger Gin

United Kingdom | 40% abv | Citrus | Botanicals: nutmeg, cinnamon, orris, coriander, sweet orange & lemon, cassia, licorice root, two secret ingredients | Pairing: Orange

Developed by J.J. Lawrence and Alcohols LTD. in early 2016, Tiger Gin had to fight for its trademark against Heineken, who claimed it was too close to their Tiger Beer Trademark. Lawrence prevailed in court however, and Tiger Gin is now unleashed for the enjoyment of all. A traditionally made gin, it contains many traditional ingredients, and two secret ones as well, producing a sweet and citrusy gin flavour that is as bold as Tiger Gin’s namesake.

A complex formula that gives a taste infusion that is both smooth and sweet.

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