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Have table rings got you down? Condensation and overzealous cocktail pouring is everyone’s problem! Save your table surfaces with our line of customised table Gin coasters, which can be personalised to fit your needs. Turn your home lounge tables into a trendy cafe motif with our engraved slate coasters with a variety of entertaining novelty gin quotes, etched with laser perfection (using actual lasers!) into the cool stone surface. Buy individuals or a complete set, collect them and trade them with your gin-loving friends as you exchange invitations to your home gin pub. 


Engravable Gin coasters with your own custom logo or slogan, just like a b&b or hotel. Retro fonts and vintage styling goes great with antique or modern furniture. Complete that crossword, don’t use it as a drink holder! That’s what our coasters are for. They are durable and wipe clean in a jiffy, with soft feet to keep your surfaces scratch free. Make a big impact at your next party or event. These make excellent personalised gifts for a wedding present, or as place holder coaster gifts.

Imagine how your guests will react when you show off your custom-branded barware complete with any personal message you want. Get a set for any special occasion to turn a thoughtful and useful gift into a treasured keepsake. They will remember your gift and the event each time they set down their glass. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving, especially useful in preventing unsightly water stains on furniture.

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