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The Spirit of the Cape

Tour the Southern Coast of iconic destinations with set of Gins produced in the South.

Inverroche Amber

South Africa | 43.5 | Floral | Botanicals: Fynbos herbs and spices | Pairing: Orange Peel

Inverroche Amber is made by one of the first South African gin makers. In 2007, Lorna and Rohan Scott (mother & son) developed three gins with the indigenous ingredient Fynbos. Inverroche, the region from whence the gin takes its name is located at the end of the Goukou River which empties into the Indian Ocean, near Stilbaai. It's an area of dream-like natural beauty with limestone cliffs and hills covered in fynbos (meaning "fine bush") and other renosterbos flora. The limestone distillery is located in the middle of local vineyards. Inverroche is twice-distilled, featuring a floral flavour in which fynbos is a major part.

It's a richly textured, crisp gin with hand harvested African

Wilderer Fynbos Gin

South Africa | 45% abv | Floral | Botanicals: fynbos botanicals, roots & spices, wild dagga, honeybush, buchu and devil’s claw | Pairing: Lime

Helmut Wilderer, South Africa's first licensed distiller, developed this gin with his expert knowledge of the indigenous botanicals. Made with 27 botanicals in total Wilderer's combines distils with German juniper berries in this South African Fynbos herb gin. It is superbly smooth, and has distinctive citrus and buchu aroma and flavour, with Wild Dagga and Honeybush hints which take you on a journey through the fields of Fynbos along the western Cape. Wilderer Fynbos Gin is the first award-winning South African gin.

Produced in harmony with nature.

Triple 3 African Botanicals

South Africa | 43% abv | Dry | Botanicals: coriander, licorice root, almond, buchu, rooibos and galangal | Pairing: Lemon Slice

Produced in a state-of-the-art column-pot made of copper, Triple 3 African Botanicals Gin is a craft gin from the Triple 3 Distillery, located in the historic Blaauwklippen Wine Estate which has been distilling for over 333 years (which inspired the name Triple 3). With a lively mix of seven botanicals which include choice ingredients gathered in the Western Cape. This gin has a careful balance, and smooth finish, with woody and earth tones like cedar wood and moss. Best enjoyed with citrus fruits like Lemon with herbal pairings such as a sprig of rosemary.

Citrus Infusion and African Botanicals let you enjoy the richness of distinct local flavours.


South Africa | 43% abv | Spiced    | Botanicals: coriander, honey bush tea, rooibos, cardamom, almonds, aniseed, lemon and others | Pairing: Lemon and Clove

With the Kalahari truffle as a centrepiece, this London Dry gin is an earthy boutique-gin born of South African innovation. Employing experienced truffle hunters after the first rain of the season, Cruxland gathers these rare mushrooms in x-shaped cracks (Cruxland means "cross-land") and distil them with other botanicals including rooibos, honey bush tea, almonds, and aniseed to produce this KWV distillery original. These rare mushrooms were collected by nomads from generation to generation. Distributed in a bottle with a studded leather cap cover. 

We wanted to create a special gin with botanicals typical to South Africa and knew we needed a special ingredient to complement the flavours of the other botanicals.  -Pieter de Bod, Master Distiller  

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