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Want to surprise a gin loving friend or family member with an attractive gin mug? Look no further than our collection of in-house designed Ginsanity gin mugs with humorous gin quotables. Give the gift of humour with our collectable mugs for your coffee, tea, or sneaky gin!


Fun and colourful, with gin quotes, sayings, and artwork, give the most unique gin cards available online with nice thick high quality paper and glossy finish mugs. The perfect cards for hassle free gift ideas. Why not combine a card with one of our glasses, coasters, or other gin kit to make the ultimate gin gift set. Your friends and family will thank you for bringing them lasting smiles instead of just an email.

Let everyone know that you’d rather be drinking gin, or maybe imply that you ARE actually drinking a covert gin in that coffee up. Just make sure you aren’t driving anywhere soon! Honestly, we don’t recommend drinking at work, and as always drink in moderation. Take time to enjoy your gin as well, and relax, give the car keys to a trusted friend if you have to. There’s nothing worse than guzzling a gin without enjoying the subtleties, so make sure you check out our range of Spanish Copa Glasses which are of course the perfect glass for actually enjoying a gin. For more gin tips, friend us on Facebook!

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