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We Can Do it - WW2 Propaganda Gin Poster
The We Can Do it - WW2 Gin Poster, is a nostalgic trip back to the War time Woman Power of the war-torn 40's!
Women were either marketed to as homemakers or as possible replacement workers for men.? The homemaker posters reinforced women?s traditional role as domestic homemaker and cook.? The worker posters sought to pull women into manufacturing out of sheer need due to so many men being overseas, and fighting for King and country.? They appealed to women?s sense of civic duty.
Now we all love a bit of Gin, and we can Do it!
This Fabulous poster is good enough in any bar setting?
A great Poster for all Gin lovers to put up in their favourite drinking spot!
A great gift idea!
Full colour A3 170 GSM Matt finish.
The perfect poster for your pub, bar, cafe.

We Can Do It - WW2 Gin Poster - A3

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