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The Gin Prayer Poster
You've seen the Gin Commandments, now we have the Holy Gin Prayer poster. Bow your heads one and all at the bar and repeat after me
Our juniper, Which Art in Stills, Hallowed Be Thy Taste.
Thy Copa Glass Come, Thy Cocktail done
With Cracked Ice, as it is with Heavenly Tonic
Give us this day our Garnishes
And forgive us our Gordon's
Aw We forgive pubs with Highball Glasses
Lead us not into Inebriation
But deliver us from Boring Conversations
For thine
Is the Gin
The Tonic
& the Garnish
For Ever and Ever
Ah Gin ... Ah Gin
This fabulous poster is good enough in any bar setting!
A great poster for all gin-lovers to put up in their favourite drinking spot!
A great gift idea!
Full colour 160 Gsm finish.
The perfect poster for your pub, bar, or cafe.

The Gin Prayer Poster

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