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Eureka! We've done it! We've discovered the Secret Formula to Happiness, and guess what? It's GIN. We've mapped out the molecules that go into the distilled base spirit of gin, added in the chemicals that provide the essential juniper flavours, combined with an ice crystal formula, and that equals... dopamine! The pleasure chemical that is released which makes us feel good. And gin definitely does that. It's scientifically proven!
Featuring a modern set of hand-drawn chemical diagrams, and font styling by our in-house designer, our Gin Collective line of glasses would not be the same without this one! You can't forget happiness, and everyone should know how to get there. A faux frosted glass effect is used to print the soft and pleasant-to-the-touch graphic, while remaining highly readable with excellent detail. The sturdy stem is thick and does not have the feel fragile, so you know this is a serious copa glass!
You will be serving smiles as gin garnishes when you plan your next party with a set of these fine glasses. Get a bunch for your friends - works especially well as party favours for a hen party, or other girly get together. Guys are welcome to buy these too - we don't judge! :)
There's a lot to be said for getting the right gift, and your friends will remember this gift, which can be collected and traded, and make a great addition to any glassware collection.
These make great gifts for special occasions too, Whether birthday, wedding or graduation, there's no better gift than the gift of gin, and it's one that will be remembered with every new G&T that is made! You can make it even more personal by filling in the personalisation information for custom etching into the glass with our precision laser. Include a name, or message which will mark the occasion, and viola! You've got a memorable keepsake as well as thoughtful gift.
Included in the gift package is a fun retro Ginsanity Giftbox which the glass is shipped to you ready to give. The perfect gift from Ginsanity!

The Gin Collective 22oz (645ml) Copa Balloon Gin Glass: Gin & Tonic

SKU: M337
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