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You're hackles are up, you want to punch and kick and scream a mighty battle cry, as you open up that back-shelf dusty old can of whoop-ass. The police will be called for sure, and you might spend some time in lockup for what you're about to do. But wait... there's a better answer... unball your fists, and take time to count from 1 to... gin! Yes, that's right, The Gin is mightier than the sword, so work out your differences over that most compelling of beverages in your 
The gin is mightier than the sword glass!
Our designer presents to you this crest of two swords crossed with a retro font styling - it's part of our Gin Collective line of glasses, which feature a faux glass etching effect which is gloriously tactile and very pleasant to touch - it's very durable and will last for years to come. The glass is well balanced, and has a decently thick base and durable stem which does not feel fragile in hand, so you can enjoy your gin worry free!
Serve up smiles to your friends along with the gin, with a set of these fine glasses at your next party. Your gin event will be very memorable and the humour in your glass collection will have them coming back time and time again to see what new treasures you have in your collection. Fortunately, we come up with new designs all the time, so check back regularly and subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates.
Whether it's for a birthday, wedding or graduation, it's hard to find a better or more memorable gift than personalised gin glassware, and indeed, you can have us engrave your name or personal message into the glass to mark any special occasion. This transforms a unique gift into a treasured keepsake, which will be enjoyed for years to come. Just fill in the personalisation information on this page and we will do the rest. There's nothing like a personal touch to make it really special, and this is why it's one of our most popular options!
Included in the gift package is a fun retro Ginsanity Giftbox which the Featuring a heart and retro font styling by our in-house designer, this glass is part of our Gin Collective line of glasses. The  feature a faux frosted glass effect print which is soft and pleasant to the touch, while remaining highly readable with excellent detail. The sturdy stem is thick and does not feel fragile, so you know this is a serious copa glass!

The Gin Collective 22oz (645ml) Copa Balloon Gin Glass

SKU: Gin Mightier
£14.99 Regular Price
£11.24Sale Price
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