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Sloe Gin Bottle
The Galileo Flint Glass Bottles are perfect for storing, preserving or even making infused spirits like sloe gin. With an airtight seal, these glass bottles help keep your home made infusions fresher for longer.
With a stylish design, these bottles will impress friends and family when used to gift sloe gin or infused spirits.
Supplied in the Ginsanity Giftbox
We at Ginsanity believe that Gin & Tonic should be served in a large copa gin glass. For many reasons, but 4 in particular
  1. The volume allows you to have a full double Shot with a Full bottle of tonic and ice without having to continually top it up and have an inconsistent stregnth throughout
  2. The balloon is best for development of aromas and flavours
  3. you an chill the glass by swirling ice round inside the glass
  4. you can fill the glas with ice to get a chilled gin thoughout

Sloe Gin Bottle 500ml/22cm (optional engraving)

SKU: M275
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