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Six Dogs Blue Karoo Gin
Six Dogs Blue derives its name from the Blue Pea flower (Clitoria Ternatea),?an antioxidant and aphrodisiac in traditional medicine. ? As chance would have it, ?Blue? is also the name of the smallest dog in our pack of six.?The infusion of Blue Pea gives the Gin its striking?blue?colour. The?alchemy?of this unusual botanical is further revealed when the Gin is mixed with a good?tonic, changing the colour?to light pink. ?Six Dogs Blue is the most royal of Gins. A party Gin. A touch of magic. A classic dry Gin with experiences of freshly cut lucerne over hand-picked and morning-harvested Rose Pelargonium. Think of that well known shaken-not-stirred cocktail and let your imagination run riot. Not for the timid, Blue is a Gin to inspire the novel you never got around to writing, to bring out a little of the sinner and singer in you and to raise in a toast at the end of a hard-fought battle.
This Six Dogs classic dry gin was created using botanicals such as freshly cut lucerne (Alfalfa), hand-picked rose pelargonium (geranium) and the blue pea flower, which gives the gin its striking blue colour. Six Dogs named this gin Blue, not only because of this key ingredient, but because it's also the name of the smallest dog in its pack of six. You should pair this gin with a good tonic, not only because it's delicious, but it will change the colour of your drink to light pink, thanks to the blue pea botanical!
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Optional engraving available on the back of this bottle.

Six Dogs Blue Karoo Gin (South Africa) 43%

SKU: 6.0099E+12
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