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RSA - Triple 3 Three - Juniper Berry
Triple 3 Three gin! Inspired by the heritage of devoted craftsmanship, our three masterfully distilled gins reflect the essence of taste. Proudly produced using a state of the art copper column-pot still located at the historic Blaauwklippen Wine Estate, home of innovation for over 333 Years. Triple Three Estate Distillery delivers perfectly balanced craft gins that make the best start for a world class drink.
100% Juniper Berry Gin is South Africa's first craft gin expressing the unique flavour of hand-selected whole juniper berries. Citrus Infusion and African Botanicals let you enjoy the richness of distinct local flavours.
Herbs, dried and fresh tea leaves of buchu and rooibos, cloves, cedar wood shavings and pine are adjoined by delicate lemon peel, menthol, dark berries, moss and earthiness. Flavours of forest-honey, maple and almonds deliver sweet and toasty notes. The African Botanicals Gin expresses soft, round and elegant herbal scents that separates this Gin from any other. All botanicals are carefully selected to underline the tempting marriage of South Africa?s indigenous flora and elegant juniper berries.

RSA - Triple 3 Three - Juniper Berry

SKU: Triple 3 Three - Citrus Infusion
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