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Insane Ostrich is a classic dry gin for extraordinary people. Our salute to the mavericks, wackadoodles and rebels, with the sweet scent of adventure from piney juniper balanced with zest and a little pepper. Skillfully distilled with the flair and finesse of an aviation pioneer.
For an exceptional martini, keep the bottle and two martini glasses in the freezer. At cocktail hour, simply pour into the?chilled glasses and wave in the general direction of Italy.
Who said Ostriches can't fly?
Ingredients: bright and clean juniper from Kossovo, lemon zest, lime zest, coriander seed, cubeb pepper, cassia bark, angelica root, orris root,?grain spirit.
Nose: Aromatic citrus and pine. The scent of adventure!
Texture: Creamy, rich and as smooth as laminar airflow.
Palate: Piney juniper core with zest and pepper. Sweet and skillfully balanced.
Finish: Clean fragrant juniper; dry and enduring.
Gently distilled in a small batches.
Non-chill filtered.
Serve in a copa glass with ice and tonic. We like to?garnish?simply with a twist of lime zest.
Key information
48% vol.
EAN 5060518360220

Insane Ostrich Classic Gin (Gin Kitchen)

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