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Astounding style and sophistication meets functionality in our artful Hayworth Gin Glasses. The unique vertical ridged design is unforgettable, and reminiscent of hot air balloons at the Worlds Fair. Capture a bit of that magic and lift off with your gin in one of these superbly crafted fine copa glasses with that quirky unconventional look that matches your own personal style and sense of fun.
With copa glasses looking all the same we think this is a breath of fresh air, and we are  sure you will too. What struck us most about this glass though is the glorious tactile quality - once you've had this in hand, you will be reaching for it simply to enjoy the cool ribbed glass texture on your fingertips. The light simply dances off the hand blown glass surfaces and onto countertops, especially good for sunlight display areas.
Showcasing a ribbed bowl that is perfect for achieving an on trend vintage aesthetic as well as adding a subtle hint of variety to your drink presentation methods. Suitable for use in commercial settings such as cocktail bars, pubs and clubs as well as use at home for cocktail parties and special occasions.
Supplied in the Ginsanity Giftbox for the perfect gift for your friends and family who enjoy an unusual gin copa glass with everything going for it.
If you like the tall thin stem copa, but aren't a fan of the ribbed glass look, check out our LSA Balloon Goblets Gin Glass. It's another crowd pleaser to add to your collection of unique and stylish gin glasses. Why not get both and let your guests have their pick. After all, you can tell a lot about a friend by their choice of Gin glass! With our Ginsanity glassware collection, you've definitely got all the options you need!

Hayworth Gin Glasses 20oz / 580ml

SKU: M282+Giftbox
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