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Ginpounds Promise to Treat the One You Love
Forgot to get your loved one a present? Or just ahead of the game, and want to treat the one you love? What if you could purchase a token that commits you to providing a service or product in the future? We have just the thing! Ginpounds!
The idea is that when she/he pulls out the note and waves it at you; you have to do what you?re told. . . i.e.
  1. Make a gin and tonic (G10) ? 3
  2. Supply / Purchase A Bottle of Gin of their choice (G20) ? 2
  3. Treat someone to a night out in a Gin-Bar of their choice (G50) ? 1
It comes in well styled envelope that allows you to add the name of the person you are treating, sporting a printed wax seal! The money is high quality 200gsm gloss print, and looks like a note you could actually spend! The head of the Gin Queen Snob proudly shows off her crown. . . A striking resemblance! PS: This is not real money, and these cannot be redeemed at any local establishments for said treats above. Furthermore, each note contains a serial number (as you would expect). This serial number will give you a mystery discount on your next purchase at Ginsanity!

Ginpounds - The Gin Pledge - Promise to Treat the One You Love

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