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Menu: Strange Attraction

Whether you’re an experienced gin drinker, or the ultimate beginner, this is for you!

Our Strange Attraction gin set is a full-spectrum gin tasting experience, which contains the following 25ml glass bottled gins:

  • Floral: Inverroche Amber (South Africa)
  • Spiced: Opihar (UK)
  • Citrus: Broken Heart (NZ)
  • Sweet: Bloom (UK)

What makes this different to all the others? We have carefully selected a gin to cover each of the different tasting notes in the flavour spectrum.


From the moment you open the bottle and sniff, you will notice each bottle has a distinctly different aroma. Drop a large chunk of ice into a beautiful chilled Copa gin glass and pour in your gin (the larger the ice, the better, to ensure it melts slower and your gin is not unnecessarily watered down). The large copa glass ensures a broad surface area to allow the gin to react with the air. It’s all part of the theatre.

Gin Tasting Kit – Menu: Strange Attraction

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