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Blushing Monkey Pink Gin
Blushing Monkey Pink Gin is the? 3rd Gin from the Gin Kitchen (Dorking).
These ladies started from humble beginnings, distilling their magic mix, from a outhouse behind the Spotted Dog pub on Dorking High Street.
It was small and cozy setup, but the demand for their Gin has so increased, they have moved into a converted barn outside Dorking!
Blushing Monkey Pink Gin from the Gin Kitchen, is a? delicate balance of floral sensuous aromatics, with fresh citrus underpinning this voluptuous and sweet elixir. Or in other words, it's the love child of our mischievous Gutsy Monkey, and a bashful cluster of sweet black grapes!
They add black grapes to Blushing Monkey to create a gorgeously floral gin with a delightful sweet (but not too sweet) twist. With the addition of tonic (neutral Fever tree!), the initially translucent Blushing Monkey transforms into a pearlescent pink elixir. Our favorite serve is to add the tonic first so the gin forms a neon candyfloss cloud, then add your garnish of a lime twist, and a slice of Dragon Fruit if in season!

Blushing Monkey Pink Gin (Dorking/Surrey) 48% (optional personalisation)

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