ZOOM Gin Tasting Kit – 4 Gin, Glass & Fever Tree Tonic & Mega Gin Ice Tray



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Product Description

ZOOM Gin Tasting Kit – 4 Gin, Glass & Fever Tree Tonic & Mega Gin Ice Tray

Ever thought about a Zoom / House Party Home Isolation Gin Tasting Party?

We can arrange all the logistics, and get the kits to your fiends for your big tasting night.

Whether you’re an experienced gin drinker, or the ultimate beginner, this is for you!

Choose the Gin menu you want to test on (all choose the same) from this

Review our menus here:



We have spent time looking and tasting a bucket load of gins to weed out some special favourites of our to represent our packs.

The Experience

From the moment you open the bottle and sniff, you will notice each bottle has a distinctly different aroma. Drop a large chunk of ice into a beautiful chilled Copa gin glass (check out our shop) and pour in your gin (the larger the ice, the better, to ensure it melts slower and your gin is not unnecessarily watered down). The large Copa glass ensures a broad surface area to allow the gin to react with the air. It’s all part of the theatre.

Watch how easy it is to make a classic G&T with this gin experience kit:

Make a game out of it with your partner or blind taste and challenge yourself!

Add good quality tonic water (we recommend a neutral Fever Tree tonic). For 25ml add no more than 100ml tonic, you don’t want to over-do it now! Tip the glass at a 45 degree angle and pour against the glass to ensure you don’t lose too much of the bubbles!

Now the important part, add the correct garnish! Not every gin should be accompanied by a slice of lemon… We have done the research for you, allowing you to put Google away, and just enjoy how the garnish affects the smell and taste of the gin. The perfect little treat to enjoy socially with friends, intimately with loved a loved one, or even just by yourself to relax into a world of quiet contemplation.


Step 1

Choose your menu you want to share online with your friends.

Each of them must place the order online

We will arrange the logistics to ensure you can get on with the tasting using Zoom, house party, teams etc


What you get:

  • One free Copa Gin o’clock glass
  • One “Perfect Mega Ice” mold per order. This ice is the perfect size for your glass, one block per glass. 4 Cubes per mold.
  • Detailed menu and instructions on how to taste
  • 2 x 200ml Fever Tree Natural Tonic. We feel all gin should be experienced with natural unflavoured good quality tonic.

Each menu comes with a detailed menu gin description, telling you:

  • The history of gin
  • How to taste your gin
  • The correct garnish pairing
  • Detailed info about each gin, its story and suitable garnish pairing

Step 2

Have a blast!

What’s not included: the Garnish! We advise on the menu what to source. Source it local, cut it fresh and enjoy!

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