Set of 2 LSA Bangle Hand Painted – Balloon Gin Copa Glass – 525ml Blueberry (optional engraving)


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You’ll be at a loss for words to describe this set of unique LSA Bangle Hand Painted – Balloon Gin Copa Glass Blueberry with brilliant berry blue coloured glass. With a thick Gold band of metallic surfacing around the middle, this unique styling is as much a work of art as it is functional glassware.

Standing proud at 23cm tall with a 10cm diameter, they should be hand-washed with warm soapy water to preserve the perfect mirror finish. Be sure to hand dry with a soft cloth and take time to appreciate your glassware. Doing this as part of your gin ritual will quickly become something to look forward to.

In a well lit area, these glasses really light up nearby surfaces & sparkle and shine brilliantly, casting glow over countertops and surfaces. Combine with other reflective glassware for a stunning light show. The effect of putting them on display and so will your guests. Be sure to pick up a set of our melon and rose coloured glasses to make a complete set.

This set comes in a two glass box and is a great gift for a friend to share the gin love. The high quality thin glass is truly some of the best online, which is why we stock and use them ourselves. The quirky and modern design has a futuristic look, while keeping a classic vintage charm. We’ve sourced these from LSA especially for those keen on luxury glassware collecting. Combine with cabinet lighting, either top of bottom lit to enjoy the colours in the evening. We recommend placing any lighting on a timer to save electricity during the daytime, as a bit of sunlight is more than enough to set them ablaze with colour.

While you’re selecting your set, be sure to think about personalisation with our engraving service -especially if you want to commemorate a special event, be it a wedding, graduation, anniversary, or birthday. Add a name or custom message around the rim for the ideal gift. We’ve taken time to look for the best for our own collection and are happy to share this set from LSA with fellow gin lovers like us.

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