Set of 2 Handmade LSA Gin Cocktail Martini Glasses 7.7oz / 220ml


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Grab a set of 2 LSA Gin Cocktail Martini Glass. They are stunningly beautifil and well weighted to make the perfect martini in style.

The angular shape of the is a nod to classic martini glasses, while the base is as much sculpture as it is functional. It’s as stunning to the touch as it is on the eyes, and it does indeed turn heads!

Serve up your next gin martini cocktails in this lovely pair of glasses, to toast a special event, or share a tender moment with your lover. These glasses are designed to impress with hand-blown design by LSA. The wide mouth presents a large surface area for the essential olfactory experience to waft, letting it breathe to enhance the flavours and the layered experience that is gin.

Along side other glassware, these really stand out. They tend to be our most requested glasses, so make sure you grab a pair before they are gone!

As a gift, they make excellent presentations for weddings, birthdays, graduations, or indeed any occasion worth marking with a celebratory gin. Gift them and use them in the same night, for that special and instantly usable satisfaction.

In our collections, we have these on display, and they look great on a shelf or display cabinet. Visitors are always wanting to hold them, and feel the well weighted glass bases. It’s something that you will wish for when drinking martinis from other glasses. Indeed, it’s hard to go back!

If you just need one, we also sell them in singles, so be sure to check it out, or splash out and enjoy this great set of two. We know you won’t be disappointed. It’s what you can expect from Ginsanity. We use only what we stock, and are always looking for the next gin gem to offer up.

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