The Mega-Hex 8 Giant Ice Cube Tray for Gin – Black


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The Mega-Hex 8 Giant Ice Cube Tray for Gin – Black

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Sure, you have your copa glass, but what about that ice? How about something unique, made especially for gin lovers? Enter our mega hex ice trays, which redefine and push the boundaries of what gin ice should be.

In development, we wanted to think outside the box (or cube in this case), something for the true gin snobs like us – something special, a bit of oddity, a bit of theatre.

Larger ice means cooler, less watered down gin, and this 8 mega-Hex 8 block silicone tray makes the perfect shape, each cube lasting through two full gins!

  • Keeps your gin cooler for longer without melting as much as smaller cubes
  • Tray size:28cm x 14cm x 5cm
  • Each hex block of ice is approx. 2″ cubed (approx. 5cmx5cmx4.65cm)
  • Easy to remove, you simply twist or push them from behind.
  • The tray is made from grade silicone, which is easy to wash and firm to prevent spilling while placing the tray in the freezer

We discovered our gin ritual wasn’t complete without that block ice… There’s something about pulling that tray from the freezer – an unspoken satisfaction in removing that fully formed cube from the tray and placing it, steaming cool mist into the glass. It’s part of the theatre of gin, and a reminder to slow down and enjoy what modern life has brought in the way of those little conveniences.

Want to know how to make a classic G&T with our Hex Ice Block maker? Just watch this video:

Speaking of taking time and patience, be sure to give your hex ice blocks a good overnight stay in the freezer to fully form – since they are larger than conventional icecubes, they do take a bit longer. Although once formed, they each last through two gins before you need to reach for another.
This unique hexagonal cube design is unique- we’ve developed it ourselves gist for gin, and we hope you enjoy your designer ice cubes as much as we enjoy making products that are useful and attractive for your gin needs.

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