Handmade LSA Moya Gin Balloon Glass 19oz/550ml (optional engraving)


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Our beautiful Handmade LSA Moya Gin Balloon Glass are in, and they are stunning!
Superbly designed thin crystal glasses with a unique and stylish thick glass base. Once you wrap your fingers around the stem, you feel the gloriously smooth surface, you will feel like you are holding a work of art. The unique design really stands out and we think they are the ones in your collection that you will be reaching for again and again. Take them out on special occasions for an extra fancy touch of modern style.

They make excellent gifts for special occasions where alternative and quirky upmarket style is part of the motif. Give a set for weddings, graduation, birthdays to anyone with a taste for the best glassware gin copa glasses available. Make use of our personalisation services to turn these fantastic useful glass items into a custom gift, include name and a personal message in the personalisation information on this page. With that addition, these glasses become treasured keepsakes to mark any occasion and keep the memory going for years to come.

These stunningly beautiful handmade LSA Moya gin balloon glasses are made for the proper “well minted” gin snob. They feature a flattened, wide bowl and are ideally suited to serving a wide variety of gin based cocktails.
Featuring a contemporary design, weighted stem, they add a modern aesthetic to your drink presentation. Their large bowl allows for the dispersal of botanical flavours and aromas. It’s the perfect gift idea for the gin or cocktail lover in your life!

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