Handmade LSA Gin Cocktail Martini Glass 7.7oz / 220ml


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These stunningly beautiful handmade LSA Gin Cocktail Martini Glass are made for the proper “Well minted” Gin snob.

Featuring an angular shape and a slightly tapered stem they are perfect for serving gin based classic martini cocktails. The wide, angular bowl allows the enhancement of gin botanical flavours and aromas, which you would expect from a well designed, and nicely weighted glass.

Add a bit of extra class worthy of your perfect serves. These martini glasses look great alongside other luxury glassware, and are as sculptural in aesthetic as they are functional. They really turn heads, and your guests will remember them, so make sure to bring them out for special occasions.

They make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, holidays or any special occasions. Be sure to ask for our custom engraving options to mark that special occasion with a name or quote.

We have a set of these fine glasses, and they are excellent upmarket jazzy addition to our home gin pubs. Once you feel the smooth weighted glass in your hand, standard martini glasses just will not do anymore.

They are incredibly versatile and can be used to serve a wide variety of cocktails and come packaged in a gift box making them the perfect gift idea for the cocktail lover in your life. Once you serve up a classic martini, in these fine glasses, you’ll raise the bar for friends and family who will definitely be back for the next show.

The first sip is with the eye after all, so give the best theatre possible with fine gin martini cocktail glasses from Ginsanity! Be sure to check out our full collection of luxury glassware to stock your cabinets.

Looking for more than one? Be sure to check out our set of two, and take advantage of the savings!

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