Green Stem Copa Gin Glass 24oz / 67cl (optional engraving)


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This Green Stem Copa Gin Glass 24oz / 67cl is a great gin glass for anyone who appreciates an oversized widemouth bowl for gin enjoying needs. It looks great along with other glassware and has a style and sophistication that is envied by other glasses. We are always looking for the best glass sets out there so you can trust in Ginsanity to bring you the best available these are the same glasses we have in our sets!

Serve gin in style at your next party with these excellent attractive glasses. The sunlight dances over the surfaces that it hits when your gin is sparkling in this glass. The wide mouth bowl leaves a lot of surface area for your gin to breathe which increases the aromatic properties of the gin. The long stem on the glass is pleasant to hold and overall the glass is very well balanced even considering how much gin it holds and it holds a lot!

On display with other glasses this glass really stands out. It adds a lot of colour to your collection and looks great in the cabinet as well as on a shelf. We recommend that you keep them on display in a well-lit cabinet or some area that gets a lot of sunlight for the full effect.

Serving guests with this glass is a true delight. the attractive and colourful glass stem is particularly nice along with your party motif. It’s an experience that they will remember and that glassware will be asked for again and again so be sure you bring it out on special occasions to make them more memorable.

We offer personalisation on these glasses so that you can commemorate your special events with a message or name and date. This turns a simple glass into a treasured keepsake, and with Ginsanity you know you’ll get the best!

This item comes in an attractive gift box with retro styling, and Ginsanity branding, and makes a great gift for weddings anniversaries birthdays and other special occasions you want to commemorate. Give them the gift of gin with Ginsanity!

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