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The first product released by the distillery, GINSALA™; an East Coast inspired craft Gin, is the culmination of 18 months of recipe development. The concept for GINSALA™ was built around representing the bold flavours of the regions Indian Cuisine and by doing so, create a truly East Coast inspired product, an ‘East Coast Original’.

Producwed in the heart of the Sugar Cane Belt, on the East Coast of South Africa, Derived from locally Sourced Blackstrap Molasses.

It embodies the taste and aromas of the Masala Spice Blend, a combination synonymous with the bod characteristics of Durban’s Indian Cuisine, paired with the traditional accents of the Juniper Berry.

It all started with the fond childhood memory of eating pineapple skewers, sprinkled with curry powder at the beach on a hot summers day. An unmistakable flavour combination which had all the characteristics we were looking for, tropical notes with the distinct tastes and aromas of exotic spices.

A delicate balancing act, between the key ingredients found in a Masala Spice blend and the traditional accents of Juniper berries, resulted in a truly unique flavour profile.

Through a single vapour infusion process, whereby we combine all the individual elements, we feel we have achieved our goal and found harmony in the chaos of such bold individual flavours.

Only 100 bottles of GINSALA™ are produced per batch, with each bottle being filled, corked, labelled and number by hand. A truly artisanal product which echoes our beliefs of “Quality over Quantity”.


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