The Gin Collective 22oz (645ml) Copa Balloon Gin Glass: It’s Always Gin O’Clock


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What time is it? Stop looking at your watch and waiting for the hour to be right. Why? Because It’s Always Gin O’Clock! Pick up your gin glass and go make yourself that essential gin right now. You deserve it, and really, in moderation it’s going to make the day go much smoother. Some things are worth waiting for, sure, but some things are also worth instant gratification too!

With a vintage clock-face and retro font styling, this glass is as much a work of art as it is a functional gin accessory. It was created right here in the UK by our in-house designer, especially for our Gin Collective series of glasses. A faux etched effect is used to print this graphic in precision detail. It’s soft and tactile and feels great under the fingers. The glass is sturdy and robust, with balanced weight for worry-free gin consumption.

Gift these glasses anytime, to mark a special occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, graduation, or just to give to a friend who needs a cheerup. After all, nothing picks you up and relaxes like a classic G&T, and with that essential bit of humor and a personal message using our custom engraving service, you can really brighten someone’s day. There’s no better gift than the gift of gin, so do make it personal by filling out the information on this page for customisation. It’s a popular service for a reason!

Be sure to check out all of our funny gin quotable glasses, which are all done with the same high quality and collectible. Trade them with your friends and family to brighten up your glassware collection.

We’ve carefully designed the whole package, and it comes complete with a giftable ginsanity branded retro vintage gift box. It’s the little things that count, and we feel it’s only right that the presentation match the quality of our products. Order one for yourself, of ship directly to the giftee, it’s all set and ready to gift!

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