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You've done it again - the block ice, the copa glass, the fever tree (or 1724) tonic, the... the gin! Oh dear! You've ginned again! You need forgiveness, but first, you must confess with this unique humorous design from Ginsanity! Our "Forgive me father, for I have ginned" copa glass is just what you need to save your gin lovers soul!
Serve up the smiles with these unique and functional copa glasses, with that wide mouth and large bowl to make a professional presentation of your gin. You've got to let the gin breathe and there's no better way to do that than with one of our perfectly shaped Spanish copa glasses.
The stem is made of sturdy well weighted glass, and the bowl is smooth and pleasant to the touch with the graphics printed in a frosted/etched glass effect that is actually soft and pleasant to the touch. It's also safe to machine wash for convenience, and hard-wearing so you will get the most life out of these glasses.
Makes a great gift for your friends or family for any special occasion. Be sure to take advantage of our engraving personalisation service, in which we can laser etch a name and personal message to turn a fun gift into a meaningful keepsake. Great for weddings, graduations, birthdays, or any holiday.
This is one glass in a series of funny gin quotable glasses in our Gin Collective range. Collect them all, or trade them with friends. If you like this glass, check out our popular gin prayer copa glass.
Be sure to check out our entire range of custom glassware. We're always on the lookout for new unique items to add to our own collection, so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for all the latest gin accessories, unearthed from Ginsanity!

The Gin Collective 22oz (645ml) Copa Gin Glass: Forgive Me Father

SKU: M333
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