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Do you raise up your gin, swirl it, sniff it, then judge the everloving bajezuz out of every aspect of it? We all know that one... the GIN SNOB of the group! Judging every aspect from the flavour of the finish to the presentation! Is that you? Well we think so. Yea... there it is! You can't fool us, you're a PROPER Gin Snob. It's nothing to be ashamed of! We also look down our noses at common gins, like Gordons, Bombay Sapphire (god, please not another in-flight plastic cup blue bottle gin!). We also think there should be penalties for those who drink gin from a highball glass! It should be illegal! Haha, just kidding. Sort of. :) You're the queen of gin, so show it off with a Proper Lady Gin Snob Glass.
Whether you are a gin snob or not, this bit of gin humour goes great as a gift! Featuring the official Gin Snob illustration by our in-house artist, as part of our coveted Gin Collective glass collection. The printed graphic is rendered in a soft etched glass effect, which is quite pleasant to the fingers, retaining the excellent detail of the original illustration. The glass is well balanced too without being fragile, so it's the perfect gift for the discerning mixologist.
Show your dominance as a master of all things gin, or just as a funny conversation piece for gin evenings and events. The gin guru is in, and collecting grins is the order of the day! Award your next gin trivia winner with this mighty ginsnob chalice (we also have a gin snob certificate to go with it sold separately). Get a bunch for your friends as you look down your nose at the rest of people who just LIKE gin. They have no idea what gin is all about! We haven't left out the fellas though, so be sure the gin snob men in your life are represented too!
These make excellent gifts for birthday, wedding or graduation for the gin fanatics in your life. Honour their obsession with gin and add a personal touch by filling in the personalisation information. We can etch a name or message into the glass to commemorate any special occasion.
Ships to your door in a fun retro Ginsanity Giftbox we've done a lot to make this the perfect pain-free gifting experience. We've got all your gin needs covered at Ginsanity!

The Gin Collective 22oz (645ml) Copa Balloon Gin Glass: Proper Lady

SKU: M338
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