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It's the same old story isn't it. You think you know a guy, you let yourself fall in love, you dedicate your time, your emotions and your energy into making it work, and in the end, they just leave! Well there's one influence in your life that's here to stay, and that's gin! Yes, Men Come and go, but GIN is forever!
Illustrated font in retro styling across this funny gin glass will bring a smile to your life, made by our in-house designer as a tribute to all the lonely hearts out there. They feature a frosted glass effect graphic which is pleasantly soft to the touch.and is rendered in spectacular detail. The glass is sturdy, well weighted and does not feel fragile - the best copa glass for worry free G&Ts.
You will get knowing nods from friends with this one. We've all been there, and it's always so very much the same. Why are diamonds girl's best friend, when there's good old soul soothing gin to be had? Plan your next party with a set of these and other humorous glasses from our Gin Collective range, and you'll be good to host a memorable and fun gin night.
Know someone who's recently broken up, and needs a bit of an uplift?There's a lot to be said for getting the right gift, and your friend will remember this gift when they are down. It will give them a smile as well as a reason to call you up for another friendly gin and chat session.
These make great gifts for special occasions too, whether birthday, or as an ironic hen party gift. You will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable gift than gin! This one will be both memorable and effective as a party favour, and can be custom engraved with the event and name of the giftee. Simply fill out the personalisation information, and give a treasured keepsake to commemorate those fun occasions.
We've included, just for you, an attractive and fun retro vintage gift box with every glass, so you can ship directly to yourself or the person to receive your gift, and it's hassle free. Another perfect package from Ginsanity!

The Gin Collective 22oz (645ml) Copa Balloon Gin Glass: Men Come and Go...

SKU: 5055261834876
£14.99 Regular Price
£11.24Sale Price
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