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Walk into any speakeasy of the prohibition era, and you'd find sets of these gorgeous glasses sparkling behind the bar . . . behind a secret passage, behind the fridge. Our Speakeasy Platinum Gin Cocktail Glasses are finished with an elegant round Copa glass bowl in vintage style for a classically classy cocktail or Gin & Tonic. The height of sophistication, it's what experienced gin drinkers stock in their own home pubs, and bring out for special guests. These glasses are both art and entertainment in one, and are highly coveted items as gifts for friends and family with a taste for the finer things.
Give for birthdays and holidays, indeed, any occasion in which a luxury gin items are likely to please. Our personalisation service turns this attractive and unique item in vintage motif into a keepsake which will remind of the special occasion for years to come. A name and personal message can be used to great effect and work quite nicely to mark the day. These go particularly well as vintage themed place gifts for your wedding reception, so everyone can take home a piece of the memory and discuss for years to come.
No luxury glassware set is complete without vintage glassware, and this item fills the gap nicely in yours. The artful shape of this glassware is easily eye catching and we think you'll reach for it again and again for your own personal gin rituals. These glasses include Libbey's Safedge Rim Guarantee, and are built for longevity in both commercial or domestic settings.
Want something a bit more unique in this style? Check out our Smokey Grey bowl Speakeasy Classic Gin Glass.
In our quest for the perfect glassware, we search the market, sourcing the best we can find from all over the world. These we keep in our own collection, and offer them to you for yours. After all, gin is a shared experience, and we're happy to share our gin glassware secrets, tips and tricks with you on our facebook page and via our exclusive Ginsanity mailing list. Be sure to sign up for the latest news from your friends and Ginsanity!

Speakeasy Classic Gin Cocktail Glasses 20.5oz / 585ml (optional engraving)

SKU: M287+Giftbox
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