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Silent Pool Gin Copa Glass?

  • LOCAL: Straight from our local Gin distillery, to your doorstep
  • PERFECT PARTNER; Beautifully designed with the signature Silent Pool teal and copper color palette,
  • This luxury copa glass is the perfect way to way to enjoy a G&T.
  • RELEASE THE AROMAS; We Firmly believe a gin glass should be large enough to release the aromas. Aroma plays an important role in how we experience ?taste?. That?s why we?ve designed our glasses with an extra wide-brim to release the aromatic oils from the gin to fully enhance the drink.
  • OVERSIZED GLASS BOWL: Allows the glass to be filled liberally with large ice cubes. Large ice cubes melt less and therefore reduce dilution.
  • PERFECT SERVE; Serve with a generous handful of ice, a dash of tonic and a twist of orange peel to garnish.
  • PACKAGING: Comes packed in our Ginsanity Gift Box

Silent Pool Gin Copa Glass - Blue & Copper

SKU: SilentPool-Blue
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