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You want that authentic copa glass experience with your gin. The sun is shining, the water sparkling and you've laid out your blanket, ready for a day of relaxation. You have your gin, your tonic (we always recommend fever tree or 1724 tonic), but all you've got is plastic cups! What is this, a frat party? No! You want proper wide mouth copa glasses, and now you can have them without toting around heavy and fragile glassware! These great full size Portable Stackable Plastic Gin Copa Glasses come apart for easy storage, and unlike glassware will not chip or clink together when in transit.
Simply stack the bowls of these wide mouth copa glasses nested inside one another, and do the same with the bases. This compact arrangement adds strength when in transit and also saves space in your tote or carry. This is a set of two, however, you can stack as many as you need for your gin picnic or event without the need for an extra bag just for glassware. Safe to take on holidays, and they are easily washable by hand.
These make great gifts for special occasions, or anywhere you need to make a toast with gin. Give to your favourite outdoor hikers, campers, or keep a set for yourself. It's essential gin gear for the active gin lover on the go. Be sure to check out our gin tasting kits, which also pack nicely in a bag or suitcase so you can set up a gin tasting experience wherever you go! Don't forget the garnishes!
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Portable Stackable Plastic Gin Copa Glasses - Set of two

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