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Spiced Pirate Rum Tasting Kit Whether you're an experienced rum drinker, or the ultimate beginner, this is for you! The Spicy Pirate Rum Tasting kit, is the perfect way to begin your Rum journey Our rum set contains the following sealed 30ml glass bottled rums:

  1. Red Leg Spiced Rum 37.5% ABV
  2. Kraken Dark Spiced 40% ABV
  3. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 40% ABV
  4. Old J Spiced Tiki rum 35% 

  History of Rum Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum?. ? Rum may have been one of the world?s most popular spirits for centuries, but never more so than now.? Let us open your world to the tasting sensation of Rum and all the delicious ways to taste and enjoy it. ? A brief history of Rum?. When you think of Rum, you probably think of the Caribbean islands, sailors and pirates, but there?s much more to this delicious drink that just that. It?s thought that Rum, or at least its earliest form actually started in Cyprus, when around 1300 the islanders would mix it with an almond milk to make their own version of the drink we would later call rum. ? In the 17th century rum is through to have been distilled in the sugar cane plantations near Barbados, when they discovered that my fermenting molasses, which was plentiful at the time as a by product of the sugar refining process. Over the decades the drinks popularity spread in to the colonies of North America, gaining a strong following, up until the American of war of independence it?s believed that on average every person in ?the colonies may have been drinking up to 14 litres each year. ? Rum has always been a popular choice with those sailing the seas.? Pirates stole and traded in the valuable commodity for its pleasure and financial value.? When the British Royal Navy captured the Island of Jamaica it swapped the daily ration given to Sailors from Brandy to Rum due to the new availability of the islands rum producers.? Although to avoid the implications of drunken crews the Admirals ordered the watering down of the rum, into a mixture that became known as ?grog?.? This daily ration was known an ?tot? and was continued until 1970. ? Royal Navy legend tells that after the death of Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar, his body was placed in Rum to preserve his body on the return to England, only to find that when they arrived the barrel was dry, finding that the cask had been drilled into and the rum drunk, ?whilst his body was submerged.? This gruesome story has birthed the phrases "drinking Nelson's blood? and ?tapping the admiral? describing surreptitiously sucking the liquor from a cask through a straw. ??The truth of this story is confirmed by some and disputed by others, we only suggest that you don?t try it at home

Limited Edition Spiced Pirate Rum Tasting Kit (4 x 3cl)

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