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With a wide mouthed and stylish rounded classic Spanish copa glass bowl, and thin glass stem, this Arcoroc Juniper Thin Stemmed Gin Glass is the perfect balance of style and sophistication for the no nonsense gin lover. The elegant design makes use of the contrast between the thinness of the stem and the wideness of the bowl to give it a sculptural and delicate shape, perfectly formed for the ideal Gin and Tonic.
Just set this glass down on any sunlit area and watch the rays sparkle through the glass surfaces. That refraction tells you it's of the utmost quality and as you pour your tonic in (we recommend Fever Tree or 1724 tonic for the perfect serve), you will appreciate that this glass is the perfect stage for the delicate dance of bubbles and condensation which makes your gin experience superb. Made of exquisite hand-blown glass, this copa will soon become your favourite for a classic G&T, and we think you'll be reaching for it again and again.
It also makes a great gift for a gin loving friend or family member to honour any special occasion, Birthday, Wedding, or even a very first gin! Indeed, you can make a convert out of most anyone with the proper presentation. Sure, they've had gin in a can before, but nothing beats an authentic gin experience in an exquisite Gin Copa glass like this one. You can even make it a personal gift to mark the occasion by filling in the customisation information on this page. We'll use our precision laser to etch a name and/or personal message into the glass surface to turn this thoughtful gift into a memorable keepsake, which will be enjoyed for years to come.
At Ginsanity we are constantly searching for the perfect glassware to include in our collection. We've done the legwork for you, so you can just order and have it shipped right to your door from our London location. Comes with an attractive gift box, ready for gifting. Be sure to check out our wide range of other gin gift items, and as always, may the gin be with you!

Arcoroc Juniper Thin Stemmed Gin Glass 24oz/72cl (optional engraving)

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