Want a break from gin? REALLY? How dare you! Just kidding, we understand… sort of. That’s why we also offer a range of whisky accessories glasses, so you can stock your home bar with all the necessities to suit guests who may not like gin as much as everyone definitely should. Shovel some ice into these fine glasses from Ginsanity for one on the rocks or roll around the minimalist liquid and admire the amber colour as you partake in a sinful yet satisfying side-whiskey.

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Don’t settle for a highball glass or jar with a classy spirit like this, you need the proper kit. Whisky isn’t a drink by the devil, much as we’d like to think it is in our high and mighty gin ivory tower, and to prove it to your friends and family, you can gift them a set of our fine glasses which will compliment your many quality gin glasses and other whisky accessories with styles both vintage and modern, and prevent them having to sneak in their preferred drink in a flask. Make them feel included in your tasting events with a spare set, and have a whisky and gin festival. Sure, it could be a thing… you never know!

Make it extra special with our personalisation services. Include ironic gin quote like “I’d rather be drinking Gin”, or “My other drink is a G&T”. Let your creativity make a gift into a personal keepsake. Great for a retirement or birthday gift for the whiskey lover in your life.