Set the mood with gorgeous candles and holders from Ginsanity. Our gin themed candles smell amasing with scented oils in the wax which is dispersed with the lovely mood lighting. Enjoy before bed for a relaxing glow and watch the shadows dance and flit over the walls of your house as you sip your gin and tonic.

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Ultimate relaxation aroma therapy with all that is gin to sooth your jangled nerves. Our glass candle holders make lovely place settings at weddings, and our range of gin scented candles will keep you looking for reasons to light them up and enjoy time and time again. Get a full set for your next nighttime outdoor gathering.

Makes back yard candle holders tables feel like a fine restaurant, and brings a festive seasonal spirit to xmas or wedding decorations. Don’t miss out on the soft gold yellow light and join our facebook feed and mailing list for holiday bargains and gifts ideas.

You know you deserve the best, and with Ginsanity, we work hard to supply the absolute best of the best products to sooth the gin-lover’s soul. That’s why we use all the products we sell, and how you know when you light that candle it’s the same high quality we demand in our own gin oasis.