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Schweppes 1783 Review

  • APR 16, 2018



I’ve never been a fan of Schweppes Tonic water, and personally feel it doesn’t complement your gin in the same way Fever Tree does. I was very interested to try the new premium 1783 “skittle” bottle range, launched last year November on a massive 6.6M budget. The bottle design lends itself to the original Jacob Schweppes bottle from 1783. They claim to have consulted many Mixologist to help redefine the flavour. My opinion is that they have the marketing & design bang on; but what about the taste? We did a side by side blind taste with Fever Tree, and found it a little more “bubbly”, but taste wise, it was pretty hard to differentiate. So overall I think they’ve improved the current tonic proposition leaps and bounds; but perhaps slightly to heavy on the gassy score! Verdict – I think Fever Tree still tops them, but by the slimmest of margins – so it comes down to price and availability. Distribution: Schweppes have massive distribution muscle from Coca-Cola, so they win hands down. You’ll find them in every corner of the world! I’ve yet to find a bottle of Fever Tree in a super market in Europe!

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