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Ginsanity Gin Bottle Garnish Stickers

  • DEC 04, 2017



I have a friends who has a problem. Let’s call him Kenold. He has a very Gin Demanding Wife, So much in fact that he built her a bar. Well actually he built himself a bar, and she took over. No more Sexist boy’s only events(although girl’s only is allowed). All Whisky, beer, and vodka, was removed or hidden in cupboards, and replaced with Gin. All beery posters stealthily replaced with Gin paraphernalia. The word “Gin” inserted onto his Bar Sign. You guys know exactly what I’m talking about :-). Anyway Kenold’s objective in life is to keep Wifey happy. Happy wife.. happy life! Kenold is the best husband “In The World” who do everything right. He can fix bikes, braai (bbq) meat, put up Christmas lights, polish the dust on said bar counter. He is 99% of the way to marital bliss! This is the problem, he always forgets which garnish goes with which gin! This may seem trivial to most, but to any “real” Ginster, this is a cardinal sin! Woe betide he puts lemon into the Rangpur, or orange into his Gordons (well Gordons was his previous goto Gin, which is now actually banned from the wife’s bar, and kept in the mens’ squash club stash out of line of sight!) I digress! For the sake of stability, we have to solve Kenold’s problem, and we have. Now Introducing the Ginsanity Gin Bottle Garnish stickers. 96 in a sheet. This takes the guess work out of Wife Pleasing! Just look up your Gin garnish ( , using our link or your own source, stick it on the bottle and be done with it!

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