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Gin Pounds – The Gin Pledge

  • JAN 26, 2018



Psssst: Ladies! Your eyes only! Gin Pounds! The Gin Pledge – A personal Promise to Treat the one you Love! Now ladies – you need this. Can you imagine saying to your partner. “Darling I’m going to spend my 50 Gin pound voucher and your going to take me to the local Gin Bar / Pub for a night of Gin at my Fancy! or Darling I’m going to redeem my 10 Gin pound voucher, and i want you to make me one of those awesome G&T cocktails you made me that day when you told me you loved me! or Darling there is a brand new gin out that everyone is raving about, I’m going to redeem my 20 Gin pouch voucher, and your going to buy it for me… This is why you need to convince him to but you this our new Gin Pounds “A promise to pay the bearer on demand!” PS: This is not real money! We are not running a counterfeit operation! For a mere £12.99 you have secured yourself 3 G&T’s 2 Bottles of Gin and a night out on the town! You just need to convince him/her to buy the pledge for you! So tag your husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, secret lovers

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