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Your gin deserves the perfect display area, and you demand quality utensils for your Kitchenware. Preparing your garnishes is less a task than it is a ritual. So put on the music, grab a set of our gin-centric kitchenware, and enjoy the ritual that is g&t and gin mixer preparation.


Order from us online and you can get your Kitchenware entire kit, gin included delivered right to your door. Be sure to check out our gin party sets, which offers a discount over buying individual 4 bottle gin experiences. Collect all our mixing utensil sets to create custom variations for themed parties, and leave your guests feeling entertained and ready for the next gin evening invitation. Makes a great wedding gift for a new couple, and will be enjoyed for many years to come. Personalisation is available upon request, to make memorable keepsakes to keep the good times rolling.

Our gloriously tactile slate and wooden cutting boards are perfect for your professional setup, and make excellent serving trays for the discerning home mixologist. The design and quality of our products is something your guests will enjoy as part of your gin serving performance, and sets the stage for the main tasting event. We’ve collected in our london based warehouse a range of essentials from the best brands to provide quality and pricing competitive with local shops.

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