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Review: Gutsy Monkey from Dorking

If you don’t have a gin dream, you can’t have a dream gin come true!
Gutsy Monkey is the brain child of 2 local Dorking school mums tapping into a friends valuable Gin expertise, who developed the recipe for Tanqueray 10 (one of my favourites), as well as taste tests from their local Dorking school mums.

Seeing that I only live about 6 miles away, it would’ve been rude not to try it.

The gin is inspired by a spice mix called Reuben’s House Rub, sold at the butcher’s, they created Gutsy Monkey using cumin, fresh thyme, fresh ginger, coriander and lime zest.

It’s fantastic! We tried 2 versions, one with lime and mint, the other with lemon. The former just edging the latter.
On the down side it’s a bit pricey at £47 incl delivery, but it’s a great treat for an evening with the lady you love!
(Even after she deleted the original draft of this review in error?)

Here’s to the ones who dream!

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