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Want a full 8 Sets gin tasting experience? Grab a few friends and try 8 different gins a veritable party in a box! Kit contains gin spirits bottles with step by step instructions for a pro gin tasting experience. Be sure to read through the menu with garnish and origin story for each, and a brief history of gin contained in a neat, retro and 100% recyclable gift box. Fever tree tonic is what we recommend, but 1724 will also work a treat in this full anthology of genever delights.

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Gift yourself with our 8 Sets, or splash out on a wedding gift for friends or relatives. Gin is meant to be shared after all! Don’t drink by the dram! Each bottle contains enough gin for a full single G&T. Our block ice trays (sold separately) ice trays, copa glasses etc. Few will be able to resist the world of gin tasting. Experience it for the first time or come back for another set with gin from Ginsanity UK!

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